Be a vendor!

We just recently had our last market of the 2010 season on December 11th. Thanks to all who participated in the 2010 season! Our next Handmade Homemade Market will be held on the second Saturday in April, which will be the first market in the new 2011 season. If you are interested in vending for the 2011 season, please send us an email and we can keep you in the loop. We’ll post more information on vending in 2011 in February or March. Stay tuned!

If you have any questions at all send us an email. Thanks!

Here are a few things to know about being a vendor:

  • Everything at this market is for “suggested donation”, nothing here is for sale! Please list all prices as suggested donations.
  • We are asking for a $5 or $10 donation (or 10% of earnings) to help keep this market up and running. We hope this sounds fair!
  • All tables and space are first come first serve. Please do bring a table of your own and plan on sharing your table with other vendors if possible. It’s necessary for the space and helps us get to know our fellow vendors!
  • Please plan on arriving an hour early before each market to set up and for a quick meeting.
  • In the spirit of the Handmade Homemade, we also really encourage bartering! We hope to create a new venue for local food and community and hopefully this market can exist on the outside the normal cash economy – bartering is a great way to do that, but it is your choice.
  • All vendors should make known where their ingredients or materials come from. Whether they are from Denver or Colorado or afar, we want everyone at the market to make their own informed decision about what they buy.
  • This market is not only about food. If your inclination is to sew, knit, plant, draw, or anything else and you would like to be part of this market, please let us know. We love to have an eclectic mix of goods
  • We have an alternative currency at the market called the “Handmade Homemade Market Dough”. As a vendor, you’ll likely have some customers use this currency to pay for your goods. We ask that all vendors accept this currency at the market.

Here’s how the alternative currency works:

Market Dough is sold at a discount of 10% (i.e. if you want to purchase 20 dollars worth of Dough you will pay 18 U.S. Dollars). This encourages more people to buy into the Market Dough currency, because they will have more purchasing power than they would with the Dollar, therefore making Market Dough more abundant. With an increased abundance of Market Dough, we will have more customers coming back to continue to support our HaHo vendors.
When vendors come to trade Dough out for U.S. dollars at the end of the night, they receive 10% less U.S. Dollars (i.e. if they trade in 50 market Dough, they will receive $45 U.S. Dollars). This ensures that we always have the appropriate amount of money to back up the currency and it also incentivizes people to use the money inside the market as opposed to trading it out at the end of the night for the same reason that people buy Dough in the first place – it is worth more as Dough than as U.S. dollars. This will help keep our money local and will continue to support HaHo vendors. It also incentivizes people to use the currency as opposed to hoarding it, which creates increased interactions and the flow of goods and services – it has a multiplier effect!
We are working now to connect the Market Dough with other local businesses in Denver, so soon we’ll be able to spend Market Dough outside the market. If you have any thoughts or questions about the Market Dough and how it works as an alternative currency, please let us know. We’d love to talk about it.

You can also email us with any general questions about being a vendor-

Thanks for making this market a reality,

    Enjoy Being!

— the Denver HaHo crew


21 responses to “Be a vendor!

  1. Wow! This sounds fantastic! Is this the sort of thing where you could sell surplus garden produce? I’m thinking of last year’s ridiculous bumper crop of tomatoes when I literally had boxes and boxes of them… way more than I could even give away. I’m not sure that I would have enough produce to have any sort of regular table, but if I get another bumper crop of something, could I do a table now and then?

    • DenverHandmadeHomeGrown

      Absolutely, extra produce is exactly the sort of thing we are looking for. Come check it out, and If you want to be a vendor at some point, just check the vendors page and fill out a survey.


  2. i want to sell my local organic produce…i sent request..but have not had follow up…

  3. danny k

    i keep two dairy goats in my back yard in aurora, and i was wondering how many goat product vendors you guys already have. i wouldn’t feel comfortable selling goats milk as i don’t have a way of keeping it refrigerated at the market (and my stuff is not pasteurized). however, i could keep enough goats cheese in a cooler to make it worth selling. if you guys already have a bunch of people selling goats stuff, then i’ll leave it to them, but if not i could easily have a lot of chevre (and maybe mozzarella) for sale since we’re getting 2+ gallons a day. just let me know how many goat vendors you have already.


    • owen

      I was thinking about buying some goat milk from a store to make goat yoghurt for the fair… but if I could buy/barter some from you instead, that would be way better. I have a car and could come pick it up if need be. Let me know if you’d be interested in that!
      Owen (

      • DenverHandmadeHomemade

        hey owen,

        let us know if don’t hear back from danny over the blog and we can help you get in touch with him. this is what it is all about!


  4. Marcia Gauley

    I hand knit scarves, hats, children’s sweater and dish cloths. I would like to be a vendor at the twenty third of July HaHo Marker. Thanks, Marcia Gauley

    • DenverHandmadeHomemade

      Hey Marcia,
      Thanks for your interest in the market! We’d love to have you join us with your knitted goods. If you haven’t already done so, please fill out a vendor survey and we’ll get back to you with more info. thanks!

    • DenverHandmadeHomemade

      Hey Marcia, thanks for filling out a vendor survey! If you have an email address, would you mind sending it to us at so that we can be in good touch with you before the market?

      Thanks for being a part of it!

  5. Anita McGregor

    I just completed the survey, hope you have room for useful items of textiles, such as: Hemp meditation cushions and eye pillows, upcycled aprons, aprons from new fabric, shopping bags.

  6. Will be out of town on the 3rd of Sept. but would be interested in being a vendor for the next fair . . . do you have dates yet?

    • DenverHandmadeHomemade

      Most likely every first friday from now on. So… October 1st it looks like! We’ll put up a vendor survey for October 1st after the September 3rd market.


  7. Rabia Rawlings

    Hi I would love to be a vendor in your December Market,
    I make really delicious cheesecakes and would love to share them with Denver. Please let me know how I can become a vendor. I am so excited to find out about the group.

    Thanks, Rabia

    • DenverHandmadeHomemade

      Stay tuned! we will post a vendor survey on the blog in November. Until then follow us on the blog, Facebook, or Twitter.

      thanks so much!

  8. The Homade Handmade Market looks great. My questions: if everything is “by donation”, do you mean that its all negotiable? Like a traditional bazaar? And how many people usually show up?

  9. Hi,
    I’m making plans for Marsha Murphy to represent Willow Way local Herbals at your Dec 11 market. I’ll be there to help her set up. Then have to cover a market in Boulder.

    Is there a table for us to use? Or do I need to supply one for us?
    Thanks, Zia

    • DenverHandmadeHomemade

      Hi Zia,

      I’m not sure if someone already answered this for you, but in case not… if you have a folding table that you can bring, I would advise that you bring it as we’ll have a lot of vendors and not enough tables for everyone. If you don’t have a table or have trouble finding one to bring, not to worry, we’ll have some to share.

      Thanks! I’ll look forward to meeting you before the market,

  10. Rise

    Hey, so no space for some awesome Yarnginas?

  11. Ana Sellas

    I am from Puerto Rico and moved to Denver about a year and a half ago, I am going to school for Fine Arts and making jewelry and other crafts in my free time. I just find out about this market and i think is awesome and that I would love to be a part of it. Would it be possible for me to be a vendor on the next season of the market?

    • DenverHandmadeHomemade

      Hi Ana,
      Thanks so much for your interest. Your jewelry/crafts sound like they would be a great fit for the market. In the coming weeks, we will be posting information about how to apply to be a vendor for the next market season, which starts in April. Stay tuned for details and please do apply to be a vendor! We’d love to have you get involved. If you have any other questions, feel free to email us as well:


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