What is the Denver Handmade Homemade Market all about?

To sell at an aboveground market, you need to produce your goods in a commercial kitchen. This is unrealistic for many of us, so the handmade homemade market is about helping to get some exposure for all of our fellow producers without the cash for a commercial kitchen.

The Denver Handmade Homemade Market is an alternative market place; one that brings community together and creates another venue for a local economy. We hope that the Handmade Homemade will build community, support a local economy and bring people together to share and exchange their passion for local food, art, crafts, and music. Here you can purchase food produced in Denver locals homes and backyards.

At the Denver Handmade Homemade we want to empower people to think of themselves as producers, to create what we need, and to rethink our ways of consuming. Like any farmers market, vendors will be bartering and selling their goods, but unlike an above-ground market, here anyone can sell their delicious, beautiful, home made goods all by “suggested donations”

How we get along…

To make Handmade Homemade as legit as possible, we are going to ask that everyone entering the market to sign up for a free membership to the Denver Handmade Homemade Market Club.

Everyone here should be aware that there is no one regulating what is sold at the market because it is just friends dealing with friends. What we bring to the market should be of the highest quality and should be something that we ourselves would happily and hungrily eat!

To help ensure that we are as conscious consumers as we hope to be, all home made products should have labels that tell us who made it and where the ingredients or materials for any product come from. If it came from Safeway that’s fine but everyone should make their own informed decisions.


Hope to see you at the next market, please sign up for our email list to get updates on Handmade Homemade happenings and market events!

Enjoy Being!


8 responses to “About

  1. DenverHandmadeHomeGrown


    What exactly would you like to know more about?

  2. Meghan

    Just learned of this…VERY exciting! Thanks for making this happen. I put it out to the Cole Neighborhood Association, so hopefully it gets posted on their website as well!

  3. Robin Reed

    I really enjoyed the Market today and found the products offered to be of exceptionally high quality. Job well done!

    We had some great additions to our dinner tonight. I tried hard to buy something from almost all of the vendors because everyone had such interesting and useful offerings.

    Now let’s get the word out so the perishable items fly off the “shelves”! Looking forward to the next market!

    Devoted fan, Robin Reed

  4. Meghan Solano


    I’d like to volunteer at this Saturday’s HHM, but I couldn’t find an email address to send a message to. Can somebody email me and let me know what time and what kind of help is needed?


  5. Angela

    HI, I would like to check out one of your events. So I would like something from a vendor to I bring cash or an item to barter?

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