Thanks to everyone who came to the HaHo!

We had an amazing market on Saturday, thanks to everyone that was involved from vendors to volunteers to musicians to all our fabulous customers and friends. With about 40 vendors and well over 300 people that walked through the doors on Saturday night to check out the market, Green Spaces was packed and we could all feel how strong our community is here!

There were some amazing moments throughout the market, like when I got to trade a loaf of bread for a five minute massage or when one vendor said that she would never in her wildest dreams have thought she could sell her product and now she was selling out. I’m sure you all had your own inspiring moments with vendors, friends and food, like one person who left a note for us saying that their favorite interaction of the night was their “cheesecake consumption relationship”. All in all, we left the market on Saturday feeling fat and happy and truly inspired.

It is a fitting way to end a great first season of the HaHo market and we can’t wait to start up again in April. Thank you thank you thank you to everyone involved!

Stay tuned for other events coming up this winter,

The HaHo Crew


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