Inspiring resources for the local food movement and community building!

It has been a few weeks since we gathered as a community to celebrate our skills, knowledge, and friendships through our monthly marketplace. In the last few weeks we as organizers have been taking time out to reflect on the market, to think about the future of the market and ways in which we want to continue to respond to needs/wants of the community, continue to build community, and continue to learn.

This past weekend, we had the privilege of attending the annual Community Food Security Coalition Conference in New Orleans. After a great weekend of presentations from all over the US and internationally, good southern cooking, inspiring visits to local community gardens, and our fare share of dancing and fun, we’ve learned an incredible amount about how communities around the US are gathering together around local, healthy food and are building community through sharing food and skills. Here are some links to learn about some inspiring projects:

– Community Food Security Coalition:

– Detroit Black Community Food Security Network:

– Share Wisconsin:

– Our School at Blair Street Grocery, New Orleans:

– Detroit Eastern Market:

– Live Well Colorado:

– Farm to School Programs:

– Healthy Corner Stores Network:

– Why Hunger?:

– Family Farm Defenders:

And those are just a few of the amazing organizations that are working on food security issues, building community, supporting small time producers, and inspiring self-relience and community-resilience. Check out these and other organizations and think about what we want to see happen in our community!

Don’t forget about the upcoming Holiday Market on Saturday, Dec. 11th from 4-9pm at Green Spaces! We’ll be updating you with more information about the Holiday Market in early November. Thanks and happy fall!

The HaHo Crew



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  1. So excited about HaHo Holiday market, but miss you all

    Vendors & Regulars

    Get your HaHo community fix!

    Clausshaus Open House & Potluck (Bake Mix Lady)
    Thursday November 18, 2p.m. – 10 p.m.
    2430 Lafayette St Denver

    Potluck, BYOB, Barter, Holiday Cards, Card-Writing Supplies & Postage, Gift Wrapping. Hang out & take care of a bunch of your holiday gifting without spending a dime!!!

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