Here’s to a great market – Check out our photos!

At this past Friday’s market, we asked participants on their way out to write their favorite market interaction of the night. Here are two great stories that help to sum up the experience we all had:

“A woman 40 years my senior asked if I was drinking beer or a mead and I told her, ‘No, a Kombucha’ and then after some chats she thanked me for enlightening her to the drink. Later I saw her with two in hand and she winked at me.”

“Great Energy! Screw money! Traded 4 dozen organic eggs for handmade ice cream, plumb jelly, and organic pancake mix. Life is good.”

We had a wonderful night on Friday, trading food and craft, sharing each other’s knowledge, listening to good music, and connecting with friends. We had more vendors than we’ve ever had before (we almost ran out of tables!). We did sell out of our alternative local currency as participants traded their US currency at the door and much of the market currency is still in circulation and will be enticing people to come back to the market to support their vendors further.

Awesome music was played by Denver band, Calliope of the Future. Vendors sold a wide variety of goods, from fresh local produce to bike tune ups, from beet burgers and popcorn to silk screened shirts and handmade jewelry. Thank you to everyone who participated, vended, volunteered, and generally supported a wonderfully successful market.

Please check out our photos, taken by Sam Doran, on-line:

Please also stay tuned for when our holiday market will be. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you all at another market soon!

The HaHo Crew


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