The Market is HERE – it’s Friday and there is awesome stuff to see!

Hello everyone!

We are excited to remind you that the next HaHo market is finally here! Tomorrow, Friday that is, at Green Spaces Colorado – 1368 26th st, from 6 to 9pm.

We have a lot of super exciting things happening at this market, and here is just a snap shot of each, so please come to the market to get the details:

We are continuing to move forward with our local alternative currency: the Handmade Homemade Market “Dough”. There is, however, one major change to our currency. Now, people entering the market will be able to buy market dough at a discount of 10%, giving you more purchase power for your money (if you want $20 worth of market dough you only pay $18!), and creating an incentive to spend money locally on products made by locals in our own community.

Come by bike! We have incredible bike mechanics at the market who are very excited to fix any problem you may have, so save the world and support our bike mechanics!

Live Music! Calliope of the Future will be playing for us during the market, making this more than just a market, but an event too!

Green Spaces has also offered a week, free of charge, of desk space all your own, to any HaHo member! Come to the market to redeem this offer and get a chance to work alongside other eco-preneurs and to take advantage of all that Green Spaces has to offer.

Remember, that to enter bring $5 for suggested donation, or something you value to put on our community table!

And, as always, come ready to barter and trade and to help us push towards a more local, sustainable community, environment and economy!


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