The HaHo Harvest Market is Friday! But why is this market important?

The Market is this week!

On Friday, October 1st, from 6 to 9pm at Green Spaces – 1368 26th St – we will be presenting a Harvest Handmade Homemade Market, only a few days away! Please help us celebrate the end of an incredible summer, of bountiful produce and the arrival of fall!

We will have live music and local art in addition to bike mechanics, handmade crafts and delicious homemade food and backyard produce!

Please help us spread the work by checking out the Facebook Event Page and inviting your friends!

Below is info to give an idea of why we put this market together and why we think it is so important. If you are interested, please read and share! Thanks

Why is the market so important to us and to Denver?

We created this market to address several issues that we feel strongly about, and that, over the course of the last 6 months, is very important to a wide group of people here in Denver. Check it out:

Issue 1: Our industrial food system and consumer habits in the U.S. are unsustainable.

Issue 2: Local economies are shrinking, as opposed to growing, and the U.S. economy sucks right now!

Issue 3: American’s are wealthier than ever before (per capita GDP) but aren’t any happier for it.

The good news is that we are all part of the answer to these issues by being part of the HaHo Market!

Concern: Our industrial food system and consumerism in the U.S. is unsustainable.

Motivation: A more local, sustainable market and economy
Our market strives to create a venue for a local, sustainable economy and food system on a very local, community focused level. Produce sold at the market comes from backyard gardens and NSAs (Neighborhood Supported Ag.) in the city of Denver. Prepared foods are produced in local Denver homes, with produce from as locally as possible. The same goes for the art and crafts at the market.

Concern: Local economies are shrinking, as opposed to growing, and the U.S. economy sucks right now!

Motivation: Foster new entrepreneurs, increase local production of goods and services.
By creating a space where anyone can share what they produced at home, we are encouraging people to start thinking of themselves as producers as well as consumers, fostering a group of people who are “pro-sumers” (producers-consumers). This will help to create new jobs in Denver by allowing people to provide something at the market that can bring in additional resources to their house. Through the market we hope to serve as an incubator for new businesses and business ideas! We are actively searching out resources for those vendors interested in taking their products to the next level.

Also, if we can begin producing more of what we need here in Denver, than our community will be more resilient to macroeconomic events, decreasing our oil consumption and reliance in the process, again, making us more resilient and sustainable.

Concern: American’s are wealthier than ever before (per capita GDP) but aren’t any happier for it.

Motivation: Creating real wealth, community building
We also created the market to provide a space where like-minded (and semi-like minded!) individuals in Denver could come together to share our creativity and passions. This market is about connecting with others right here in Denver, creating a network of people who can share skills, products, food, ideas and solutions, as well as new friends. There is much work to be done in our community, and although there is a scarcity of money to pay for it, there are plenty of people willing to help. There is a lack of money, not of will power. We hope here you can make those connections that make it possible, and we will do our best, through offering different forms of assessing and sharing value (like alternative/complementary currencies), to foster these connections. By hosting the market regularly, you know you can come here to continue fostering these relationships and connections.

These concerns are what keep us motivated, and we are dedicated to working through them, but we need your help and can’t do it without you. Thank you so much for being a part of this market and this movement!

The HaHo Crew



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2 responses to “The HaHo Harvest Market is Friday! But why is this market important?

  1. I applaud your efforts and hope to be able to make it on Friday.

    I do have to point out that your statistic about the per capita GDP is misleading. While the per capita GDP may be growing, most of that wealth has been concentrated in the wealthiest Americans. In fact, the disparity between rich and poor has been growing steadily in this country. I think the current statistic is that the top 1% have enjoyed 75% of the increase in GDP while the bottom 99% have split the remaining 25%.

    Just one more reason that what you’re doing is so important!

  2. Dear Everyone,
    I love what you are about and want to be apart of the new world as I believe we can create a new world that every one can live a happy life. More power to you, as I believe the powers that be in the universe is behind a growing loving new world.
    Peace & Love Jeannie

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