Check the Vendors for our Upcoming October 1st Market!

We are excited to show all of the incredible backyard and homemade edibles and local handmade crafts that people in our community in Denver have to offer! We strive to make people take a second look at themselves and realize that they too are producers and have something incredible to offer. These people below are just that type of person, those that have a passion for what they are making and doing and want to share it with us! We invite you to come with something that you make at home or have a passion for and bring it to share. Only in this way will we be able to make Denver a more local, sustainable city.

We hope the market can also serve as an incubator for new businesses and ideas, but we need you all to come and give us your thoughts and opinions. Please join us and celebrate those below willing to share!

Recent Additions!

Kombucha Ninjas – Organic Homebrewed Kombucha

The Idle Goat – Homemade Organic Chai, Silk Screen designs and Produce

The Hand Maidens – delicious canned and preserved local produce

Food Producers

April – Baked goods and salsas from DUG produce

Arlene – Homemade Beef Jerky

Barb – Produce from Harvest Mountain

Devon – Organic biscotti, mini cakes

Hayley & Sara– Backyard eggs, scobies for making kombucha

Jared – Mushroom inoculated logs

Kristie – Homemade jams and butter, bread made from home-milled wheat

Randa – Organic, delicious and vegan dinner foods and desert

Kylie – Sourdough Bread

Matt – Hand churned ice cream

Craft Producers

Charlene –Local artwork

lindsey and mikel – Soap from Clean Getaway Soap Co.

Lori – Dragons juice, Kava, tinctures and body care products

Melissa – Homemade Baby and toddler clothes

Michael – Up-cycled glass bottles made into pictures & glassware

Noah – textiles and “objects for living”

Phillip – knitted and crocheted hats

Sierra – Handmade henna and henna art

Sue – table runners, quilts, towels, and pot holders

Thanks for being a part of the HaHo Market


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