The Market is Friday! Check out the incredible list of vendors

The sprint is almost over and the 1st Ever First Friday Market is here! Today, Friday, we will host the 5th installment of the Denver Handmade Homemade Market at Green Spaces – 1368 26th st –  from 6 to 9pm.

We have more vendors lined up for this HaHo Market than any in the past, as well as bicycle mechanics and a message therapist! Below is the list of all the vendors:

Backyard Goat Cheese – Daniel
Raw baked goods – Annie
Homemade Chai from the Idle Goat – Ciara + Austin
Clean Getaway Soap – lindsey and mikel
Native american jewelry – Layla
Wooden bowls and platters – Michael
Canned, jammed and pickled goods from Front Range Hand Maids – Erica  and Hilary
Backyard Produce – Ronald
Fudge – debbie
Masks, Eggs and SCOBY’s Hayley & Sara
Recycled bags, handmade jewelry – Jen
Worm bins, gaia buckets and compost tumblers – John
Organic Granola, Baked goods and Fruit strips – Katherine
Handmade jewelry and textiles – Natalia
Mushroom logs – Jared
Flour and baked goods – Terri Claus
Sushi, pickled ginger, lime-aid
– Owen
Organic, backyard produce
– Urbiculture Farms
Short fiction
– Josiah
Organic hemp lotion
– Lynne
Apricot Jam and Apples
– Anne Drake
Sourdough bread
– Kylie
Ice cream
– matt
Earthlinks – crafts from the local homeless population
Molded chocolates, embroidered headbands – Abel
Head, neck and foot massages – Jasmine
Knitted and crochetted items – Phillip
Jewelry – Emine
Organic Pesto! – Farm Yard CSA
Homemade Sauerkraut and produce – Deb
Handmade cards and art – Eve

It’s crazy! So many incredible vendors all coming out for the market. We are so excited to see this movement grow and start moving Denver towards a more sustainable Denver.

We will again be asking for an entrance fee: either something you value to donate to the community table to be shared at the market (or a suggested donation of $5) and we are still working on our alternative, market currency – “Dough”. Help us decide where the market should go from here!

Thanks so much, we can’t wait until the market!

– The Denver Handmade Homemade Crew


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