What we’ve been reading – alternative currencies

Lately, we’ve been studying up on alternative currencies in excited anticipation of the second installment of our alternative currencies workshop series, hosted by the internationally recognized, Denver local, expert on alternative currencies, Arthur Brock. This workshop will be a hands-on practicum designed to give us all the tools to start creating alternative currencies right now, in Denver.

The work shop is, Saturday, September 18th at the CHUN House – 1290 Williams, suite 1 – from 9am to 2pm. (for a map of the location click here) There will be a 1 hour potluck lunch so please bring something to share!

But all of this is simply to tell you the articles that we’ve been reading up on alternative currencies.

These two are a good place to begin to start wrapping your head around the issue and both come from a pretty old YES! magazine issue (from ’97, we’re so behind!) Below are the links:

The Trouble with Money by Thomas Greco This is a great article as to what is wrong with our current monetary system.

Beyond Greed and Scarcity – an interview between Sarah Van Gelder and Bernard Lietaer, former Director of the Central Bank of Belgium. This is a great article as to why we need alternative, complimentary currencies in response to our current monetary system.




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2 responses to “What we’ve been reading – alternative currencies

  1. I often think it would be easier and more beneficial to go back to a barter system. Were we trade for what we need and want. At least a combination of cash and trade.

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