The 4th HaHo is One Week Away!

Hello Hello!

It’s been a crazy few weeks with lots of thinking and pondering what this market is all about, and what makes the Handmade Homemade Market unique. It has been a learning process filled with brilliant and timely writing by Wendell Berry and the expertise of Arthur Brock at the Mile High Business Alliance, Dana and Barbara at Grow Local and Adam Brock at the GrowHaus. We have also been joined by several other volunteers who are taking on a more active organizing role. All in all, the market is moving forward and we are working to make the market something truly special.

We are here to create a space that exists, as fully as possible, outside of the economic paradigm and financial system of the United States. The economic paradigm we have all be living under since World War II is just one way that our economy and financial system could have turned out. Our mission is to have a market space where we can create a new economy that don’t exist anywhere else, where we can experiment, see what works and what doesn’t, along with friends and family that share our hope for a different future. (If you are interested, ask us for a reading list! We are also organizing workshops to help us all learn more about what we are doing. The first one is coming up! August 17th at 7pm.)

With all of this said…

This Saturday, August 21st from 5 to 8pm at Green Spaces Colorado
– the 4th Ever Denver Handmade Homemade Market –

We will be working on a member’s alternative currency and a potluck style entrance fee (bring something of value) that will be put on our new community table to support the market. We are hoping to provide a space for community members to share new ideas, needs they have and services they may be able to provide. We are also partnering with Grow Local to host their “Sharing the Harvest” event.

Thanks very much for reading!

Please spread the word about this blog, print the flyer, and check out our facebook events pages – 4th HaHo Market and the upcoming “Get ready for the Next Economy” workshop.


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