1st Community Pot Luck and Town Hall Meeting

Hello Hello,

We love hanging out with you guys at the market and we want to have a chance to sit down and talk, to share a meal, and continue to build community. We also really want to hear more feedback about the market and get more people involved in organizing it. So….we are hosting a community pot luck and town hall meeting, next Wednesday August 4th at 7pm at the Post Pony Collective (2842 Josephine St).

This will be a forum to get more involved in the market! Come with your ideas, suggestions, and/or ways that you would like to help with the market and we’ll all sit down together to share our thoughts. Some things that we are interested in discussing and hearing feedback on are:

– Barter Currency: how did it go? how could it be improved?
– Ways to expand the project, including creating partnerships with other local movements, discussion series, skill share, etc
– Ways to continue to improve the market itself: what are you getting out of it? what has worked? what hasn’t?
– Market planning and organization: if you are interested in being more involved, we’d love help!

Please RSVP to let us know if you will be able to make it. Bring a dish for luck and to the share with others and we’ll look forward to seeing you!



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2 responses to “1st Community Pot Luck and Town Hall Meeting

  1. Barbara Wagner

    How to improve the market?

    1. Put the street number on the building.

    2. Put a sign out front when a market is going on.

    That way people can find you & more will come.

  2. DenverHandmadeHomemade

    thanks for the suggestions! we do have a sign, but maybe we’ll make it more visible for the future markets.

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