The 3rd Market – a new context and a new currency!

Hello hello!

The summer is flying past, with blazing hot days perfect for making our tomatoes boom, our lettuce bolt and making me sweat! But it is great and I cannot complain. Time flying by also means that it is time for the 3rd Ever Denver Handmade Homemade Market!

It is this Friday, July 23rd @ Green Spaces – 1368 26th St (between Larimer and Walnut) – from 6pm to 9pm!

We have been working hard thinking about why we do this market and what makes it unique and we have come up with a few thoughts that we wanted to share.

This Handmade Homemade market is a powerful idea because it has the ability to create a strong community of people in OUR city that share similar passions and provides a space for us to share ideas and skills freely, making our community stronger and more valuable.

The HaHo market is also powerful because it creates a venue for us to work on a model for a new, alternative economy. We are all a part of an economic model that has been holding power for many years, one based on obsessive growth without thinking about the consequences. But we would like to see a change. We have begun working on two alternative currencies – one for vendors to lubricate and simplify the bartering process, and one for customers – this will allow us to focus on what currencies were designed to do, to show that we value what a person has to offer us. Also, by encouraging bartering and participation, we are again creating a stronger community, one where more and more of our needs can be found right here. And where we can also begin to value the exchange of knowledge and ideas as well as physical goods.

But the thinking continues and we are proud and excited to announce that in the near future we will begin a new, FREE series of discussions and workshops on relocalization. We have a few ideas and those will be coming along shortly, but please feel free to share any ideas for workshops you’d like to see. All in all we hope to make this more than just a market, and make it a place to envision a new future.

Thanks for staying with us thus far and please, continue to spread the word!

the Denver Handmade Homemade Market Crew
– part of the new Denver Relocalization Project



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4 responses to “The 3rd Market – a new context and a new currency!

  1. Anita McGregor

    I want to pioneer a “Time/Resource Bank” in my area. I envision community members making available tools and skills for exchange. For example, I only need to use a chipper/shredder twice a year, don’t want to purchase one which is a waste of resources. I have a table saw which others may need occassionally. The “Bank” would allow the members to exchange throughout the member community, rather than one to one. Anyone have any information on how to get this off the ground?
    Anita McGregor
    Centennial, CO

  2. Very good idea I think, unfortunately I don’t personally know but my good friend in LA was telling me about a trades market that exists in California and Kansas, its online and people barter for their professional services. Sort of what you are describing,

    Probably the way to start with no overhead would be to begin with your local community friends and family and allow it to branch out from there as it spreads by word of mouth, also this way would hopefully ensure a group of people that would honor the system you are trying to create. It would be less risk to the developers.

  3. Anita McGregor

    Hey Audra: Will you be at the HaHo market? I have been looking into “Time Bank” for our community. I would love to share with you what I have discovered. I want to start one up here in my area, and would like to hear about your friends experiences. Hope to see you tomorrow night, I will be a vendor
    Anita McGregor

    • Yes I will be there I am bringing my mother and and her friend as well. I will look for you Anita, I look forward to seeing this great new addition to our community!

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