Underground Local Markets all over the place!

We are certainly not the only ones sharing food, art, and skills with each other in an ultra-local venue. If you start to look on-line, you soon discover that we are a part of nation-wide movement to re-localize and re-connect with our community through an alternative marketplace. Check out this article to read about one underground market in NY, Greenpoint Food Market: the things they have been up against and the energy they have to move forward.


Luckily, we’ve already been putting certain things into place to protect our market from having to change,  but it is always good to read about what other folks are up to as well. The Greenpoint Food Market has already successfully created a tight knit community of home producers and, despite some of their recent set-backs, it is inspiring to see.


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  1. I was going to just make a comment but it got so long I just made it a post on our blog: http://idlegoatblog.wordpress.com/2010/07/09/lesson-stay-far-under-the-radar/


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