The DenverUnderground Handmade Homemade Market is Here!

When: Saturday, June 5th from 5:00pm to 8:00pm

Where: Post Pony Collective – 3205 Josephine st.

What: The DenverUnderground Handmade Homemade Market Club is starting an alternative market – one that brings community together and creates another venue for a local economy. It is a place where you can purchase food and craft grown and produced in Denver from your neighbors’ homes and backyards, without the high costs of commercial production.

We’ll have vendors asking for “suggested donations” for things like homemade swedish cinnamon buns, hand-turned bowls, and sourdough bread all to the sweet sounds of bluegrass and a stompin’ good time

We want to encourage sustainability so… come by bike, bus, or carpool if you please!

We need VENDORS and GUESTS for our market!



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5 responses to “The DenverUnderground Handmade Homemade Market is Here!

  1. Mary Hallgren

    Can you give a better address on this page with zip code? I can’t tell if it is in Bolder or Denver

  2. I’m going to be there! Can’t wait!

  3. Mary Hallgren

    I might be interested in being a vendor. I have free roam chicken and duck eggs and later home grown veggies. What are the terms?

    • DenverHandmadeHomeGrown

      Hi Mary,

      please look at the Vendors page on the blog, and please fill out a survey to be a vendor. The terms are very simple. The first market is at no cost, and the 2nd market and any after we are asking vendors to pay 10 to 20 dollars. We want all vendors to make sure that it is worth their while. BUT, it would be so awesome to have free range eggs at the market. please consider coming!

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