Denver Handmade Homemade Market Club is HERE

Hello everyone,

It is official, we are starting up an unofficial market place here in Denver. Hopefully we can create a new venue to come together to create a local community, economy and celebrate local food and a more sustainable future. This is a market place that encourages bartering and trading of goods, services, and food. We will also having people “donating” money for the delicious homemade goods and foods that local Denver residents have been making in their homes and backyards.

With spring here (and spring fever setting in!) many of us will be planting our gardens and hopefully will have a venue to trade or “sell” their excess produce (too much zucchini maybe…)

I hope this finds you well and excited for this new market place.

the Handmade Homemade is here!

— HHM crew



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3 responses to “Denver Handmade Homemade Market Club is HERE

  1. CD

    So excited! Sent you an email 🙂

  2. michael cousins

    I will definitely participate in the bizarre! I have all kinds of rhinestone things and I can have some bake goods as well! I am called M.A.C.s Blings and Things. By then I hope there will be 2 shops that will have my things on display. See you there I guess. Do I need a table? What do I need to fill out? Michael

    • DenverHandmadeHomeGrown

      Awesome! thanks for the excitement, it should be a good time. Please read the vendors tab (lots of info) and please fill out the survey… it’s really quick and will help it stay organized.

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