2011 Season Kick-Off Potluck and Celebration!

Spring is almost here and that means…a new season of the HaHo Market! It is time to get together to celebrate our community and get excited for the upcoming market season.

Come celebrate with us at the 2011 Season Kick-Off Pot-Luck!  The festivities will be held at Green Spaces, 1368 26th St, on March 12th from 5pm til we’re done.

Please bring food or drink to share with the community and please bring your own plate/cup/utensils as this will be a zero waste event.

Lots of our local producers will have samples of their product on display to get you excited about the upcoming markets. We’ll have $1 Raffle Tickets available for local HaHo prizes. Plus DJs Adam and Coby from the Grow Haus will be playing sweet tunes for our dancing pleasure!

The first market of the HaHo Season will be from 4-8pm on Saturday, April 12th and will continue to be held every second Saturday of the month through December.  We are looking forward to an amazing season with lots of fresh ideas and local goodness.

Please join us for the fun and festivities as we ring in the new season!


The HaHo Crew


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Open House and Movie Premiere at Green Spaces – Wed. February 23rd

Come check it out!

Many of you know Green Spaces well as it is the location we hosted almost all of our markets last season. In case you aren’t familiar with the space, it is located in the RiNo district at 1368 26th St in Denver. Green Spaces has been hard at work this winter and has transformed their warehouse into a beautiful, eco-friendly hub for the community. They are taking on a new cooperative model and are supporting a large community of local entrepreneurs and small start-up businesses AND they have become 100% solar powered. The HaHo Market has now partnered with Green Spaces in their effort to open their doors to the community.  Join us for the launch event February 23rd, 2011!

Green Spaces will also be hosting the Denver Premiere of the Economics of Happiness on Feb. 23rd at 7pm.  Space is limited, reserve your tickets at Green Spaces.

Where: Green Spaces, 1368 26th Street, Denver, CO
When: 9am-5pm Open House
7pm-10pm Denver Premiere of “The Economics of Happiness.”

And come to hang out with your favorite HaHo people too! We’ll be there!

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January HaHo Newsletter

What’s new with the HaHo Market in the off-season?

Season Kick-Off Party!

First, as we all prepare for the upcoming market season, we would like to invite everyone to come and celebrate with us! We will be hosting a We Heart HaHo Season Kick Off Party and Potluck. It will be Saturday, March 12th at 5pm. Check the website for more details


We have new domain name! Visit us at:

(don’t worry, the old site will still direct you to the right place)


Denver Handmade Homemade Market and Denver Food Lab Present:

“How to Start your Small Business Workshop Series”

This workshop series is being presented in four parts, on the second Tuesday of each month. The first session has already passed and was a great success! Richard Eidlin from the Greater Good Academy showed all 28 people in attendance how to create a triple bottom line business plan for their with smart and interesting small business ideas. There are still three more sessions to come and we hope they will be helpful in turning your business idea or kernel of a thought into a great local business. The next session will be:

Tuesday Feb. 8th, 6 – 8 pm: Financial Resources for your new business
at Mi Casa Resource Center – 360 Acoma St.

– This workshop will feature presenters from the Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute, the Denver Community Credit Union, and the City of Denver to provide a well rounded and inclusive view of funding options available for your business regardless of size and objective.

Tues, Mar. 8th, 6 – 8 pm: Learn from the Pros! Local Biz Panel – Green Spaces – 1368 26th St.

Tues, Apr. 12th, 6 – 8 pm: Nitty-Gritty – paperwork, legal, taxes – Location TBA

For more info or to register for a spot check our website http://www.DenverHaHo.org


The Handmade Homemade Market is teaming up with the GrowHaus to present:

The Annual Community Seed Swap and Planting Party

Join the GrowHaus, the Denver Handmade Homemade Market, WasteFarmers, and GreenLeaf, and other urban agriculture groups in kicking off the growing season with an interactive seed swap. Bring any seeds you’d like to trade, roll seedling pots out of newspaper, and even set up your seedlings to get raised at the GrowHaus if you don’t have the space at home!

We’ll have information on hand about what plants you can grow and when to plant them, along with healthy snacks and live music. The seed swap will be followed by a “Growing our Urban AgriCULTURE” potluck and networking dinner with urban farmers and agtivists from around town.

This will be held at The GrowHaus – 4751 York St on Saturday, March 5th from 12:00 to 3:30 pm, followed by an Urban AgriCULTURE Potluck from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm


We hope to make the next season of the Handmade Homemade Market as incredible as the first. We honestly believe that the market is really about all of you who fill it up every month, and with that in mind we want as much input from you all as you are willing to give.

This is our market and our community.

If you are interested in helping on the HaHo planning committee, or if you are interested in volunteer, please contact us!

Follow us at:
www.DenverHaHo.org on Facebook and on Twitter

Thanks everyone!

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Happy New Year – A reflection on our first season!

At the very first Denver Handmade Homemade Market, just a mere 7 or 8 months ago,  we had less than 20 vendors and no more than twice that many in customers. As the organizers, we had hatched the plan to put on an alternative local market while standing in our kitchen cooking dinner one night and we decided to throw our reservations to the wind and just dive in. We invited people into our own home and we filled our living room and disheveled backyard with local people, never-before-producers, selling homemade chai and vegan sweets, bread and  homegrown herbs, crocheted scarves and compost tea.


We’ve learned a lot from this first season and we’ve grown considerably. At the last market of the season, we had close to 40 vendors and well over 300 people that came to participate, shop, meet vendors, and get inspired about producing their own goods someday. One of the most amazing things about the watching the Handmade Homemade Market change and grown over the course of one season has been to see how quickly the market has changed from a simple idea put out into the community to something  that has grown beyond its organizers already. A entire community of people have come together over this market and the market itself has become a celebration each month of the wealth of knowledge, skill, and local economy that we hold. We hope that the market continues to provide a space for us to share our skills with each other.

We continue to run the HaHo market month after month for a number of different reasons, many of them simple but unendingly satisfying. By running the market each month, we can help to build local community, we can encourage the idea that we are all producers of some kind and we are not limited to consuming what the advertisers tell us to. We can barter and trade and sell our own products and actually continue to learn while in the process of exchanging goods, leaving us feeling satisfied and content instead of remorseful.  Through the market we can experiment with local economic systems, alternative currencies, and question our own relationship with the money that normally runs our world.

We are selfish in many of our reasons for doing this (we love to eat delicious, local food and go home at the end of each market with our arms full of preserves and local craft, mushroom logs and sweets), but we also recognize our responsibility to our vendors. An important reason to run the HaHo market  is to incubate small businesses in Denver. Starting a small business, especially a food business, can be difficult and expensive. Many people have the skill and the desire, but don’t have access to a commercial kitchen, don’t have a place to sell their goods, and don’t have the financial funding to pay all the fees normally associated with farmer’s markets even if they can find a spot at one. We started the Handmade Homemade Market with the hope that it would give people an opportunity to try their hand at selling their goods, perfecting their products, and gaining confidence without high start-up costs.

Moving forward, we’ll continue to fulfill these visions of the market. We have an exciting new workshop series on “How to Turn your Business Idea into a Business”, starting this Tuesday, January 11th, that will help give vendors and other interested producers the real skills to start a small business. Check out the events page for more details. We are planning a potluck in February so the market community can come together on a cold winter night and share in food and drink. We are already planning for the HaHo markets of next season, which will start in April 2011. By now, we have a crew of people helping to run the markets and we are always looking for more ideas of how to improve, so if you’d like to be in touch with some of your ideas, please send us an email.

After a great first season, we are feeling energized to continue to expand the market, meet new local producers, and support a community of people growing resilience and skills. Thanks to everyone for their help and participation in this last season!

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Upcoming Events: HaHo Buisiness Workshops!

The Handmade Homemade Market invites you to a 4-part workshop series on
“How to turn your Business Idea into a Business!”

We love what happens at the Handmade Homemade Market each month, and we want to make sure that our vendors feel that they can make the HaHo what it is every time by bringing their incredible goods to our market. This is why we are teaming up with the Denver Food Lab and the Greater Good Academy to bring you all exciting, information packed workshops to help our local, small businesses. This will be a four part series filled with everything you will need to know to start your business and experts to bounce your questions off of.

If you’re interested and want to sign up for these awesome workshops, click HERE

Part 1: How to write a triple bottom line business plan  – Jan. 11th from 6 to 8pm
led by Richard Eidlin from the Greater Good Academy @ Mi Casa Resource Center – 360 Acoma St., Denver

For info on our other workshops check out our Upcoming Events Page


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Thanks to everyone who came to the HaHo!

We had an amazing market on Saturday, thanks to everyone that was involved from vendors to volunteers to musicians to all our fabulous customers and friends. With about 40 vendors and well over 300 people that walked through the doors on Saturday night to check out the market, Green Spaces was packed and we could all feel how strong our community is here!

There were some amazing moments throughout the market, like when I got to trade a loaf of bread for a five minute massage or when one vendor said that she would never in her wildest dreams have thought she could sell her product and now she was selling out. I’m sure you all had your own inspiring moments with vendors, friends and food, like one person who left a note for us saying that their favorite interaction of the night was their “cheesecake consumption relationship”. All in all, we left the market on Saturday feeling fat and happy and truly inspired.

It is a fitting way to end a great first season of the HaHo market and we can’t wait to start up again in April. Thank you thank you thank you to everyone involved!

Stay tuned for other events coming up this winter,

The HaHo Crew

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Handmade Homemade Holiday Market tomorrow!

Don’t forget that the Handmade Homemade Holiday Market happens tomorrow, Saturday, from 4-8pm at Green Spaces (1368 26th St)!

When you come to the market on Saturday, you’ll get to drink homemade chai and dragon juice, eat homemade caramels and delicious vegan dinner food, bring a loaf bread, chutney, cakes, cookies, and flour mixes home with you, shop for local art and craft, find the right medicinal herb for your body, get a massage, get holiday gifts for your sister-brother-mother-father-friend-uncle, meet your neighbors, support your local producers, learn about alternative currencies, try your hand at bartering for goods, take something away from the give and take table on your way out, find out about other cool events happening in Denver, get inspired to produce your own products, connect with other people interested in local craft, food, and economy, listen to music, dance to music, fill your belly, and have a good time. Come! Come!

See you soon,

The HaHo Crew

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Come to the next HaHo: less than a week away!

Don’t forget to join us for the next Handmade Homemade Market, on Saturday Dec. 11th, from 4-8pm at Green Spaces!

We have 40 amazing vendors, three great bands playing, lots of food, drink, craft, and plenty of things to celebrate this month. This will be that last market of the season, so be sure to stop by to get your HaHo fix before the winter months ahead!

We’ll be starting our 2nd season of HaHo markets in April 2011. Until then, there will be some other great HaHo events to keep us occupied and connected:

– Stay tuned for a 4-month-long Small Business Workshop Series starting in January.

– In February, we’ll be hosting a Handmade Homemade Community Pot-luck. Date and time to be announced.

– In March, we’ll be throwing a crazy fun Dance Party in the spirit of spring on its way and in honor of the next HaHo season about to begin. Date and time to be announced.

-And throughout the winter, we’ll have a few planning sessions for what the next season of HaHo markets will hold for us all. Stayed tuned for details if you are interested in getting more involved.

But before all that, come to the Dec. 11th Handmade Homemade to celebrate our local vendors, to partake in food and drink, buy craft, and see music! We can’t wait to see you there!

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New Vendors and New Music!

We have a full list of talented vendors for the upcoming market! In addition to the vendors listed on the last post, check out the newest vendors:

SQGLZ – Deacon runs a design, illustration, and print company. He’ll bring a selection of his silk screened items and designs.
Ewket Assefa – Handmade Ethiopian scarves and jewlery made by Ewket and family.
Peter, Marshelle, and Hayley – These three collaborate to make cowls, which are scarves that are large enough to wear as a hood and a scarf at the same time!

AND we will have GREAT MUSIC at the market!
– Denver local, Sophia Ernst will play violin from 5-6pm
– Joanna and Iain Hyde (a brother and sister duo from Denver) will play a bluegrass and folk set from 6-8pm. Don’t miss this, it will be awesome…
– And finally to wrap things up with a bang another Denver band, Oliver No Onions, will go on at 8pm

See you for the festivities! Spread the word: December 11th, 4-8pm at Green Spaces!

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Who will you see at the HaHo? Check out our vendors…

As the season changes, so change our vendors. Many of our produce vendors have put their gardens to bed for the winter and we’ll look forward to showcasing their first spring fruits in the next market season. Many other craft makers, bakers, and skilled venders, on the other hand, are coming out to join us this winter and we’ll have a wonderful variety of vendors, new and familiar, on Dec. 11th. Check ’em out:

Food Producers

– April – chutney, baked goods, pesto, apple butter from DUG Community Gardens
– Kambucha Ninjas! delicious homemade kambucha
– Devon – baked goods, biscotti and mini cakes
Idle Goat – Homemade Chai
– Randa – delicious vegan dinner food, baked goods, and dessert
– Katherine and Sam – candied ginger, ice cream sandwiches
– Kylie – wild yeast sourdough bread
– Liz and Justin – handmade caramels and mead
– Plants and Animals Denver – vegan food products, raw chocolate, hummus, vegan cream cheese, baked goods
– Melissa C. –  vegan and non-vegan baked goods
– Rabia – homemade, organic cheesecakes (by the slice, the pie or to order)
-Sarah, Flying Pig Spice Blends – handmade spice blends and rubs
– Yvonne – homemade cookies and other baked goods (some vegan and gluten free)
– Colorado Easy Eats – local, organic flour, bake mixes, and more
Flutterby Designs – spice and salt mixes, quick breads
– Lori – dragon juice, kava, homemade tinctures and body care products


Craft Producers/Skills Offered

April – i-phone case from recycled materials, draft dodger snakes, cards
– Clean Getaway Soap – handmade, organic, vegan bar soap
-Cathy, CO Mountain Glass – recycled glass crafts
– Dorothy –  sewing and embroidery (baby bibs, clothing, towels, blankets, custom orders)
– Frieda – handmade scarves, hats, kitchen linens
– Jen – recycled bags, handmade jewelry
– Jordan – glass art
– Levi – homemade herbal products, tinctures, lip balm
– Mary – handmade soaps, herb pillows, “booboo bunnies” for kids
-Melanie – crocheted accessories
– Melissa G. – handmade baby and toddler clothes
– Michael – glass art
– Shannon – handmade iron-on patches
-Sue – handsewn table runners, quilts, pot holder
– Susan – 10-15 minute chair massages
– Flutterby Designs – fleece pocket scarves, firestarter baskets, handmade kids toys and games, hand-dyed silks
– Willa – handmade head scarves and head bands made from domestic cotton and recycled cloth
– Willow Way Wellness – herbal CSA products, handmade tinctures, medicinals, massage oils, candles, salves


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